Hello Zed Fans from worldwide!

Our Z-rally at Schleswig-Holstein, the northern part of Germany, is our third Z-rally.
Our rallys at `08 and `10 were a big success for us

The Z-rally Schleswig-Holstein starts every two years in change with rally from Zytanien (near Hannover)  by friends of us.
for your Information
The destinations are:
170 Km away from Esbjerg, Denmark (ferry to London),
100 Km to Hamburg,
30 Km from Kiel (ferry to Göteborg or Oslo),

click for flyer


We have free campground, low priced drinks and food, good musik, awards, games....

We will be proud to meet some foreign friends again!

If there are any questions you can contact by E-Mail

Best regards                             
Z-rally Schleswig-Holstein Team


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